Construction Speed Awareness Monitor The Con-SAM trailer offers states the ability to show drivers their current speed while passing through a construction work zone. Equally at home on the highway or a residential street, the Con-SAM is built tough to meet any demand placed on it.

The Con-SAM comes with both black out capability, and a violator alert function. The ConSAM utilizes a R2-1: 48 in. x 36 in. speed limit sign (other sizes available such as 60"x48" etc.) with interchangeable numbering plates that allow the user to set the speed limit from 25 - 65 mph. Call your local PSI branch for more information, and pricing today.

Detection Distance -----1/4 to 1/2 mile
Beam Width -------------12 degree circular

Display Legibility --------1100 feet
Size ------------------------7x4 optically enhanced, 18 in. height

Power Source
Battery Bank -------------Two 4D deep cycle, 12 volt
Solar Panels --------------Two 55 watt
Autonomy ----------------21 days on average

Data Logger w/ software for traffic analysis

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(866) 489-1234

(866) 489-1234